Wojtek the 2017 Birthday Bear by Charlie Bears

Wojtek Birthday Bear 2017 by Charlie Bears

  • $ 80.00

Only 2 left!

A very limited edition collector's bear.  1 in 12 will have a tag signed by Charlie!  

Birthday Wojtek (pronounced Voy-tek) is our beary special bear cub who is helping us celebrate our 12th Birthday! He is an a-paw-rable grizzly cub with the most appealing eyes and super soft coat for pawfect snuggles! Also, 1 in 12 is signed by Charlie and so will you be lucky today?

This bear cub is inspired by the story of a Syrian Brown Bear of the same name who was enlisted as a soldier after he was adopted by a young recruit in the Polish II Corps during WWII. He eventually retired to Edinburgh Zoo in 1947, where he became somewhat of a celebrity before his death in 1963. 

Wojtek means ‘joyful warrior’ in Polish and so we hope that he can spread some joy in your hug too!

Bear cub height: 34cm / 13.5"


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