Bloody Marie by SigiKid


Bloody Mary by SigiKid

This is Bloody Marie's story as written on its tag:

Her keen senses let this cuddly blood-sucker track down new victims and detect even the subtlest of scents. Her extraordinary sensory abilities helped Bloody Marie rise to stardom among Parisian perfume makers, and she’s already worked for all of the most popular fashion and cosmetics labels. A hysterical, overweight lifestyle editor nearly put an end to her career at the latest Fashion Week. She quickly made up her mind to leave the tumultuous world of fashion behind and explore the world with you. But her look is still absolutely irresistible!

 Height: 8.3"

 Age: 12+ Years

 Material: Plush, Wadding: Polyester

 Care: Hand wash

$ 65.99