Daiesu Wrap Conversion Bubblegum Stripe Mei Tai Baby Carrier

  • $ 109.00

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Daiesu Wrap Conversion Mei Tai Carrier is made from the colorful Bubblegum woven wraps. Cushy, soft, supportive, flexible and all the goodness of woven wrap comes as even more contemporary and handy carrier that is so easy to use! Daiesu Mei Tai comes with padded to wrap straps for extra comfort to your shoulders, lightly padded waist band for more weight support, and now comes with handy detachable hood for flexibility.

Bubblegum is exciting stripes in diagonal weave with optimum stretch and support for your baby and toddler. Bubblegum Blue is woven with Azur weft; great as everyday wrap that matches anything.  Like her stripes siblings, Bubblegum has different colored rails to ease your wrapping job, making it a very beginner friendly wrap.

Every Daiesu Mei Tai comes in a handy Daiesu canvas tote bag.

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