Kathe Kruse Monkey Carlo Musical Toy

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With a timeless and beautiful design that complements other products within the “Carlo” collection, this musical monkey is sure to enchant the little adventurer in your family. A classic timeless design, this musical monkey features several elements designed to engage your child’s development. The soft fabric engages your child through stimulating touch that increases their awareness of cause and effect, helping them to become aware of their finger strength and interact with the world around them. The floppy limbs are useful for engaging in finger strength and hand-eye coordination, and the back zipper encourages building hand strength and grip. Made of sustainably sourced cotton polyester and machine washable on a gentle cycle. This musical monkey features the song “Lulelu.” Kathe Kruse products have been made in Germany since 1911. Each product is lovingly made and designed to stimulate children through early stages of development, while providing cherished keepsakes for your family. All Kathe Kruse products sold in North America meet or exceed all applicable safety standards.