Large Dance Travel Bag 2.0 by Rac N Roll

  • $ 280.00

The original Rac N Roll Dance Bag is a large duffel bag that includes exterior pockets, interior pockets, a collapsible hanging rod, rolling wheels and a handle. On the inside of the duffel, you will find “D” shaped metal rings. These rings are great for keeping costume hangers in place during travel. There are also two collapsible arms that hold up the rod for hanging the costumes. These slide into square openings at each end of the bag. Simply make sure that each arm slides all of the way into the square opening, or you will end up with a lopsided hanging rod.


  • -High quality fabric
  • -Brand new interior liner, zippers, and straps to match the exterior color of the bag.
  • -New end pieces and updated side rods with a clean finish
  • -Matching colored mesh pockets
  • -Two elastic straps inside
  • -Smooth-rolling skate wheels
  • -Lightweight
  • -Strong metal frame

    Maximum Costume: 15

    Weight: 12lbs

    Rack Height: 54”

    • Size
      33" x 18" x 20"
    • Weight
      15.00 LBS

    *****This is a custom item and may take 2-6 weeks for shipping******

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