Midsomer by Charlie Bears

Midsomer by Charlie Bears

  • $ 169.99

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Height: 16cm/6” :)
Made from: Mohair
Fully Jointed
Surface Wash with Care

Age 14+

So Cornwall (not only the home of Charlie Bears in the UK) but also the county of magical myths and legends. Home of King Arthur, Camelot and Merlin the wizard, you may have also heard about our Cornish Pixies and Gnomes? Pixies are mischievous in nature and seldom seen unless of course you are in the right place at the right time! She can always be seen on Midsummers eve (of course) when a seeker is holding a four leaf clover or sometimes in amongst the daisy patches and wildflower drifts down country lanes (as she adores gardening). She has been created from a rose pink coloured mohair and has a full outfit rather than accessories again in rose blush and sage green colours with a seed pod styled hat as the finishing touch, like her other fellow pixies Midsomer still has wings which sparkle with the magic fairy dust silver we have added for her.

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