Milkbarn Bamboo Sleep Bag

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Made with 70% Rayon from Bamboo and 30% Cotton.  Incredibly Soft, naturally hypoallergenic, breathable and thermal regulating,  Includes two way zipper for easy changing.  

Available in Traditional (light weight for warmer climates) or Plush (medium weight for moderate climates). Can be layered with warmer sleepwear for cooler climates.

"There’s a place where lions roam freely. Birds sing beautifully in the canopy of trees where giraffes graze. And butterflies always seem to land gently on your fingertip. That place is your child’s imagination and its where we find the inspiration for Milkbarn kids.

Because we believe children’s products should be as fresh and imaginative as the world they live in. Well- designed and well-made, not manufactured and mass marketed.

Care. Curiosity. Creativity. And love.

All the things we want to pass on to our children. That’s what we bring to each and every Milkbarn treasure.

Milkbarn is a one-word poem that evokes the essence of who we are. Our roots are in dairy country, the rolling hills north of San Francisco. We’re nostalgic, yet modern, country, yet urban, rustic and yet clean, cool and timeless. We love seeing the world through a child’s eyes. We love their imaginations, their senses and their wonder – running, romping, daydreaming, gazing at the clouds. That’s what Milkbarn is all about.

We look forward to many years ahead working with you, our customers, without whom we wouldn’t be here."

-Stacy Phillips,  MilkBarn Founder


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