Nova Pointe Shoe by Nikolay

Nova Pro Pointe Shoe by Nikolay

  • $ 104.99

Similar to Nova with with softer insole and additional silent knot technology, making pointe shoes silent.

Nova incorporates several advances in pointe technology, along with design innovations requested by today’s dancers. New glue gives enhanced flexibility while making the shoe exceptionally lightweight. New material in the sole provides both flexibility and silencing qualities, without sacrificing support in the shank.

Nova’s design includes a broad platform for stability and balance, longer, flexible wings for lateral support, and U-shaped vamp with a cotton drawstring. New construction helps the heel keep its shape to avoid wrinkling, and lower fabric at the heel and sides gives a beautifully streamlined profile.

Sizes: 1-8
Shank: S, M, H


Don't forget your Nikolay pre-cut ribbon, elastic, soft gel toe padsspacers by Bunheads and lamb's wool!

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