PawdPet PhonePal

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PawdPet PhonePal Eukie

These cleaver plush animals, in small and large, magnetically hold your smart phone or tablet. These super soft animals have a pocket in the back to store the device and make hanging on to your media device a snuggly pleasure. They are totally tech safe, and sure to win your child's heart.

I can hold!  My belly magnetically holds your phone so that you can watch your favorite shows handsfree. Prop me on my back or on my side, I’m easy for kids to use and position!

I can protect!  I can keep your phone safe and sound in my buttoned, plush padded pocket. Just pop your device inside and I’ll be sure to hang on to it tight!

I can carry!  With a removable, adjustable cross-body shoulder strap, I am a huggable carrier for your phone or tablet and handy enough to tote your small accessories, too!

$ 29.99