Rubba Blox Truck by Rubbabu

Rubba Blox Truck by Rubbabu

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Because they are made from natural rubber, these toy cars and trucks won't hurt if your child throws one, or when other sorts of accidents happen. They are rubbery enough to squish under pressure, but they remain quite sturdy, and hold their shape nicely otherwise. The material and design make these incredibly easy for young children to play with. They can grab them without effort, and continue to play without struggle. Even the wheels are made from rubber, but due to their large size, and the design of the vehicles, they roll well and make it easy for children to push them along. Kids can bash and crash these cars together without hurting themselves, breaking anything in your home, or ruining the toy in any way.

These make great inexpensive gifts or stocking stuffers, and are unlike any other toy car available. When compared to other metal or plastic cars, these are a safer and more colorful option in most cases. They also offer a textural aspect that is lost with other toy vehicles. Not only are your children going to enjoy them as the cars they are, they will also notice and appreciate the soft coating and springy material for a whole other level of play. Rubbabu Cars offer endless hours of enjoyment and tactile stimulation. They are super colorful, and made entirely of 100% biodegradable, all-natural rubber. Rubbabu are soft and squishy to the touch, yet sturdy enough to handle years of abuse.

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