Cate and Levi Tooth Pillow Pal

Cate and Levi

Cate and Levi Tooth Pillow Pal

Children around the world await the tooth fairy upon losing their baby teeth and having this unique Tooth Fairy Pillow can ensure the tooth and reward are never lost in the dark of the night! Handmade from recycled wool our Tooth Fairy pillow is soft to the touch and has a small pouch to hold the tooth and tooth fairy reward.

Kids of all ages love our Tooth Fairy pillow and keep it on their bed every night waiting for the Tooth Fairy to visit. Between visits our pillow is easy to keep your Tooth Fairy pillow clean since it is machine washable on warm and perfect to dry on low in any home dryer.

*Every Tooth Pillow Pal is unique. The pictures are just an example of what they can look like, yours will be one of a kind and may not look exactly like the ones shown.

$ 32.99