Waist Warmer by TangentFit

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"In the studio, I always found myself wearing a shirt or scarf around my waist to keep my core warm and ready." - Susan Roemer, TangentFIT Owner & Designer

The idea for the Interval was born out of the in-between moments — of which there are many in ballet. Whether warming up before class, on a five, or backstage in the minutes before making an entrance, staying warm and ready is key to a smooth performance.

We've designed this reversible, two-toned waist warmer with busy studio life in mind. Need a little something extra to stay warm? Don't feel like taking it off and on? No need to! We tailored the Interval to fit snugly with enough torso coverage to avoid getting snagged during partnering. 

Feel + FIT

Feel the warmth — two layers of this Neoprene-like spacer textile truly get the back warm so you can stay limber. Despite its structure and strength, this super stretchy scuba knit has a soft hand and comforting compression qualities. We wanted to make something that would leave you feeling held without being »squeezed«.

In addition to its impressive warming and compression properties, this knit fabric has a durable water repellent coating — making it a true performance accessory.

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