Wohnstuecke Maple Wooden Rocking Horse

  • $ 5,999.99

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Wohnstuecke's rocking horses are designed and crafted by master artisans in Germany. These beautiful, high-value toys make remarkable pieces of decoration for extraordinary living spaces, shops, lobbies or guest rooms.  

Highly collectible, each Wohnstuecke rocking horse is made to be passed on for generations.

Classic lines, quality craftsmanship, the finest leather processing and real horse hair are a guarantee of exclusivity and value.
This Wohnstuecke rocking horse arrives with an additional safety stand, ideally positioned between the bow rockers. This protects easily damageable floors and is less hazardous if children play unsupervised.  (Pictured on the Mahogony horse here, but also included on the Maple.)