Xyloba Musical Marble Mazes

  • $ 99.99

Consisting of various components and sound modules, Xyloba allows the player to construct countless tracks and melodies. Various rhythms are defined by the length of the ramps and tunes are generated by the tone of the sound modules. Xyloba allows children to have loads of fun discovering and recognising different note values, for instance ½ notes, ¼ notes, ⅛ notes as well as their dotted forms. The 20 different chimes, which range chromatically from G2 to D4, help distinguish between pitches and intervals.  

Handmade in Switzerland from sustainably forested Birch wood.

Xyloba musical marble runs are manufactured in the sheltered workshops of the Weizenkorn Foundation in Basel. Using raw wood, the individual Xyloba parts are drilled out, cut and sanded. Several manufacturing steps are performed manually and give people with disabilities the opportunity to be involved in a meaningful activity.

Over 200 people, predominantly with mental or psychological difficulties, have found sheltered employment in the Weizenkorn Foundation. Besides manufacturing Xyloba products, Weizenkorn also manufactures timeless, beautifully crafted wooden toys, high-quality candles and other products.

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